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  • Common ergonomic issues in the workplace

  • How to reduce ergonomic risks through proper technique

  • How to apply simple techniques to enhance the ergonomics of workstations

  • How to identify work activities that can lead to injury

  • The parts of the body that get injured at work

  • How to recognize and the need to report signs and symptoms of injury early

Most office staff spend at least 8 hours working in a sedentary position. This limited movement is the primary source of back problems. This inactivity of the muscles and the lack of exercise strains your back, and is further complicated by improper desk posture. Work related stress, also contributes to the development of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Dubai Ergonomics (INDIAERGO) offers a range of services to relieve the painful conditions of employees, improve the rate of absenteeism, reduce costs for RSI and improve team cohesion and office morale at the workplace.

Simple changes make a big difference. Like improving workstation ergonomics. We – Dubai Ergonomics (INDIAERGO) Consulting – can help you. Let us apply some simple ergonomic principles. Implementing them will give you a practical solution. We’ll convert your workspace. Make it an ergonomic retreat. Our holistic approach to posture, ergonomics and relief from pain gets results and has the ability to transform the health and productivity of your team in the process. A few interesting facts about back pain: The leading cause of disability is lower back pain world-wide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.

We offer training on correct ergonomics as part of our corporate wellness programs or as a one off workshop that will explain the fascinating detail regarding how poor posture can cause a cascade of serious negative effects throughout the body.

Ergonomics workshops that are fun, interactive and world class

– Holistic Ergonomics Assessments, not just the classic ergonomics assessments but a holistic ergonomics assessment that delivers results.

– Wellness programs to complement the ergonomics education.

– Small Group workshops that teach people the basics of ergonomic set up.

We at DubaiErgonomics (INDIAERGO) have over 15 years of experience in the Middle East & UAE helping people fix their ergonomic problems and posture related pain and tension.

– What we do is truly unique and is also really fun, two key considerations of any successful wellness program. It gets better. The science of ergonomics can change lives. Applying it is easy. We’ll show you how. Your workspace will be safer. You will be more comfortable. It all does wonders for productivity.

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